Mar 10 2010

Racisim is alive and well in The Tea Party

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Many civilized people in these United States are likely under the impression that racism has been all but eliminated in this country. But if you aren’t a pale, white skinned American, you’d likely say otherwise.  As a matter of fact, you’d possibly say that racism is on the rise in The United States.  And, as is pointed out in this video, it would seem that the media is continuing this racism through a bias in coverage of events when it comes down to race.  An example given was the small amount of airtime given to the latino marches for civil rights that happened all across the country in 2006, bringing together 100s of thousands of latinos, in comparison with the Tea Party marches that recently have received a massive amount of airtime even though smaller numbers of people are participating.

The dark side of this bias is that it may actually be driven by a foundation of racism within the Tea Party faithful themselves, with a news bias to further that racism.

This is definitely something to consider as we consider the motives and desires behind the Tea Party supporters.  The video below is the 1st in a series of videos on the topic and allows you to make your own informed decision.  Have a look.

[tubepress video="0KTJ2LyBn3E"]

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