Nov 23 2010

I gained 17 Facebook Friends in 4 minutes

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So I’m not really sure how to grok the reality of this, but I just gained 17 Facebook friends (I like how even Google Chrome spell checks “them” aka Facebook) friends in about 4 minutes time.   This is all within the context of a brand new account (from an OldSkool email account) added today.  And by OldSkool I’m talking one of “those free accounts from the mid to late 90′s that are still around because the powers that be still have the money to support even though I don’t click on their ads or pay for their service.”  And no, it’s not

Anyway, the rapid “growth” of my social network smells a little fishy.  And that is all that I will speak on this evening.  I will leave any conclusions based upon my experiences on the shoulders of you readers.  (Although it would be nice to hear of some similar levels of confirmation of others out there in order to indicate that this is not isolated.)

Which, I suppose, brings me to the final bit of advice that I have for you readers.  Which is “only trust that which you know.”  An idea which I will leave you to consider for yourself.

Happy Beginning Of Our Consumerist Holiday!

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