Feb 15 2009

Hippies And Geeks, Oh My

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So, if one were to map out the intersection of the various subsets of our culture, it seems likely that one of the groupings that you would notice is the one between geeks and hippies.  And I can understand a large part of the reason behind this, mainly since I am included in that intersection.  But what makes me ponder a bit is figuring out the reasons why this intersection exists as well as the history behind it’s existence.

The main situation, as I see it, is this huge connection between the hippie culture and the San Francisco Bay area, as well as where many of those hippies were sprouting from at the culture’s birth.  And where that was coming from was universities like Cal in Berkeley.  No doubt many of those hippies were involved in fairly geeky studies.  Fast forward to the birth of Silicon Valley and you have to be sure to add universities such as Stanford and San Jose State, and online communities such as The Well.

Now when you think of a classic geek, you likely think of someone fairly intellectual, someone probably fairly creative, and likely someone pretty forward thinking (you can’t dream in Sci-Fi realm without thinking forward now can you?)  So what do you think of when you thinking of a hippie?  Maybe someone who might not adhere to the standards of hygiene that the rest of society does (exactly what this blog’s name pays homage to.)  Likely someone with long hair.  Probably someone who operates a bit outside the box of your normal member of the rest of society.  But also likely someone who’s fairly creative and someone who’s fairly forward thinking. So it’s probably those shared traits that bring these two groups together.

So that’s what I’ll leave as my conclusion to that question. The reason is the shared traits and the history is the shared community.

But my entire reason for writing about this is that there was a truly geeky accurance just a couple of days ago.  That was when Unixtime reached 1234567890, which according to an online conversion site happened on Friday the 13th of Feb 2009 at 23:31:30 GMT (15:31:30 PST). And Bay Area geeks (and hippies) couldn’t help but celebrate unixtime reaching 1234567890 as reported in Laughing Squid.

Oh, and I hope you caught the reference behind this post’s title. :)

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