Feb 28 2010

Awareness of The Velvet Underground

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So I’m in the offices of a company that I’m doing some contract work at, and I hear the receptionist mention the name The Velvet Underground. A name that I would hope would perk up the ears of anyone with any shred of musical knowledge. It turned out that the person that the receptionist was talking with was a friend of mine, a friend who actually brought me to the company to work on the contract.

It turns out that this friend didn’t actually know who The Velvet Underground was. This is even though he has a fairly broad knowledge of non commercial (and thus credible) music in general. Still, he didn’t know The Velvet Underground.

So I was left with only one course of action.� First I had to actually point him in the direction of the musical genious that was The Velvet Underground. And secondly, I had to revoke his musical credentials, if only temporarily.� For he has exposed me to amazing music in the same way that, hopefully, I have for him.� That’s what friends are for.

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