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Oct 19 2011

Leaked Memo: The Corporate Board Rooms Fear the Occupy Movement Occupying their Board Rooms Targeting Individual Executives

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Considering that the 400 wealthiest Americans have wealth equal to 154 million Americans, while paying an average of 17.4% in federal taxes, it’s no wonder that the potential of change brings a little fear. Sadly, that American ethos of fairness seems to be 100% lost on this crowd. The result of this unfairness seems to [...]

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Oct 16 2011

Thought provoking #OccupyWallStreet video

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This is possibly a little bit longer than most folks’ attention span, but worth your time. It begins with a demonstration of the complete hypocrisy from those in charge. It’s called “I am not moving.” The title was apparently taken from the words of a demonstrator who is shown about half way through the film.

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Oct 16 2011

AMAZING time lapse video of Burning Man 2011

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This is an AMAZING time lapse video from before Black Rock City gets built, to after the event.

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Oct 05 2011

Pharmaceutical drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in the US.

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The Activist Post just published an article chronicling a little known side affect of prescription drugs over the past 27 years. The fact that there have been 0 deaths as a result of vitamins and over 3 million deaths related to prescription drug use in those 27 years, the complete timeframe that the data has [...]

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