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Dec 24 2008

The Star Of Bethlehem

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I’m not sure how many of you readers have been noticing the night sky for the past couple of months or so, but there’s been a bit of a dance going on every evening.  The planets Jupiter and Venus have been having this mating ritual in the southwestern skies at around sunset time.  Unfortunately at [...]

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Dec 21 2008


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There was one point in time where I was lucky enough to be able to experience what, I understand, is considered a highly monumental occurance in the Buddhist culture.  One on the level of being a sign that something monumental has happened.  That one point in time for me was smack dab in the middle [...]

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Dec 19 2008

Lessons learned – Life Is Not About Things

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So, a while back I was very well made aware of the fact that Life Is Not About Things.  Made so aware that this simple fact presented itself as an acronym: LINAT.  Because if you think about it, life truly is NOT about things.  A concept which is WHOLEY in contrast with that which is [...]

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Dec 10 2008

It’s interesting how being motivated can inspire you

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Now, I’ve never been one to be very motivated in a job where the person sitting at the top makes 500 times what I make.  And I’ve actually been fairly lucky to have not had THAT experience.  But, sadly, that’s the common reality today.  (Yes, the average CEO is currently making 500 times the salary [...]

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